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This iPhone App ' turn on ' the history of Old London

VIVAnews -Roman Empire once ruled the mainland United Kingdom for a little over four centuries. Perhaps the Romans had left the mainland United Kingdom in the 5th century AD. However, his legacy is still remaining: Settlements Londinium, which later evolved into the modern era in London.

A number of ruins such as the walls are still visible standing in the settlement that became the marker remains of the Roman Empire since the early centuries Ce. The rest, are buried, along with the history of London's increasingly growing.

But, an app for the iPhone now comes ' turn on ' back Londinium. Application called Streetmuseum: Londinium, are the result of cooperation of London's Museum of archaeology and History television station.

Users of this app could travel around London and compare the present with illustrations/fabrication in the time of the Romans still took control of London.

Virtual user application is also able to conduct excavations, with a snap of a finger on the screen of the iPhone, to bring up things that are buried. Then will appear a number of information about a selected artifact.

Head of Archives and Collections of Archaeology at the Museum of London, Roy Stephenson, was the person responsible for the content of the application. "I want people to soak up the history, which can be found just in museums or galleries," said Stephenson, as quoted CNNnews station.

"So if you're treading down this road, you will be aware of being in a historic landscape. And it is all around You, "he said.

Stephenson also hope the community will be more tempted to explore the findings, from the collection of the museum. "This is a representation of a minor from our collection. Just the tip of the iceberg, "he explained.

History Channel liable to visualize the illustrations of the ancient Roman era community life. Visualization is also done by using a professional actor, who portray the shopping activity, worship, and fighting.

Steven Allen from the History Channel commissioned made nine scene, setting, and the cast of the ancient Roman life. "We know where it's supposed to happen, we know how they made ceramics, we know where they dueled. So we must work to create these illustrations, "he said.

Streetmuseum: Londinium was developed from the previous application. Applications that compare the history of London's contemporary situation.

A number of features developed from the previous application, among other features of the excavations. Stephenson later explained, most sites are located in the center of the city. But the application also shows the object interesting from the 33 regions in London.

So if you're into Croydon in South London for example, the application will show where You can find gold in Ancient Roman times exist in that location. Or if you are to the North, in Highgate, where you can find the location of the manufacture of pottery.

"It's very useful. If you are ' blind ' Roman history in London, in 20-30 minutes using this application, You will quickly understand, "said Kevin Brown, creative agency of the Brothers and Sisters, who developed this application.

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