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Helikopter 'Mainan' Penumpas Perompak Somalia

VIVAnews -Briefly, mini helicopter that is driven by remote control were similar toys. However, the helicopter named The Shadowhawk UAV is the latest weapon in the fight against crime.

Mini helicopter is equipped with a system of weaponry, from disabling the weapon, shotgun and grenade launcher. Although just over 2 meters tall and has a weight 22.2 kg, The Shadowhawk UAV has been used to fight the Pirates of Somalia and other countries in the region "horn" of Africa (Horn of Africa), as well as the fight against crime on the streets of United States.

One of reliability it is speed. The Shadowhawk UAV capable of flown up to 112 kilometers per hour. Thus, the heli is able to follow the principal crime or to lead the air patrols, something that cannot be done the police helicopter.

In addition, this could be flown during the heli 2.5 hours, and capable of blowing winds to the anticipation of 25 knots. Recording device and the broadcast can also be installed in real time, in any circumstances. Obviously this is very useful in the fight against crime.

Vanguard Defense Industries took 3 years to develop the helicopter, which was later developed in five different moder River. Buyers can select heli this turbine or piston engines, the camera penyensor of heat (thermal), laser pointer and target distance estimator (range finders). Or, they could be arming heli with disabling weapon (taser), grenade launcher, or shotgun.

Other options are also provided by Vanguard. However, for the purposes of military secrecy and, not mentioned on the site of Vanguard.

April yesterday, Vanguard has just contracted billions of dollars from oil and gas exploration company. The company was Shadowhawk UAV booked as weaponry against Somali pirates.

The CEO of the Vanguard, Michael Buscher said. "The ability of ShadowHawk equally well on land or air, from the intelligence, surveillance, or initial operation is done to address the piracy against our clients."

"This Means the operation could anticipate the threat of exploitation, so that companies can provide more security apparatus, as a follow-up to the threat detection capabilities that can be done (helicopters)," continued Buscher. | The Daily Mail

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