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Hacker Terrorist Norway Pirates Twitter Account

VIVAnews -Twitter account belonging to a terrorist Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, hijacked hacker or hackers. Anonymous hacker group, thought to be those who hijacked the account belongs to the Breivik.

As quoted from Time, the page was originally, in the account @ AndersBBreivik, written a number of the message. One of them: "this account has been taken by # NORIA. @ AnonymousNorway. "

After that, a number of tweet ever owned pembantai Norway was abolished, after hacker writes: "this account will be immediately deleted. Forget Anders # NORIA ".

But later, the hijackers leave the last message in a tweet: "Please download (download) the latest version of the Manifest 2083-Declaration of independence in Europe". In a tweet that includes downloadable material link.

Then what the contents of the Manifest 2083-Declaration of independence in Europe?

It turns out, by Anonymous message extreme hacktivist Breivik was parodied in a collection of pictures of cats are adorable, and unique words.

Before it was hijacked, Breivik make political messages in his Twitter account. Breivik is using Twitter to spread awareness of the right-wing extremist, fundamentalist Christian anti-Muslim, anti-Marxism, anti-immigrant, and anti-multiculturalism.

Not only propaganda, Breivik even then do action bombing in the Centre of Government in Oslo. In fact, two hours after the explosion, which killed Breivik did massacre of at least 76 people on the island of Utoya

Whereas, as quoted from the blog The Village Voice, hacker group called Anonymous "Operation UnManifest", to destroy the racist manifesto Breivik message written in 1500 pages. Through this movement, Anonymous hoped no more people tercuci the brain by the familiar, such as belonging to the Breivik.

Hacker Anonymous

During this time, a group of Anonymous is a known reliable hacktivist groups in a number of action peretasan. A number of official agencies in the United States, such as the Pentagon, even used to be a victim of Anonymous. (umi)

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