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Next Week, DKI Montefalco Residence

VIVAnews -Jakarta Government will roll out the residency yustisi operation (OYK) simultaneously in five regions. The plan, razia is done next week. Operations carried out during the two rounds i.e., week after week before Ramadhan and Idul Fitri. As for the targets are apartments, residential OYK, and industrial zones.

According to the Head Office of population and the civil registry (Dukcapil), Purba Hutapea, within a year, it set a total of five rounds OYK implementation.

Until now, the new hosted three rounds of OYK. As a result, he said, a great help in suppressing the number of entrants who do not have identity and enhance the orderly administration of the population, particularly in the areas of Jakarta.

"The fourth round of the US title OYK next week. In order for maximum results, we keep private implementation date, "said OYK Ancient Hutapea, Thursday, July 21, 2011

As for the fifth round, will be held one week after the feast of Eid al-Fitr. Purba explains, those who get caught does not have a residency document which does not comply with the provisions in force in the DKI Jakarta will be undergoing a mild criminal trial (tipiring).

While for the residents who do not have permanent residence, identity, and employment, and are classified as people with problems of social welfare (PMKS), will be handed over to the Jakarta Social Service to do coaching in nursing. Followed by their repatriation to their respective areas of origin.

"With OYK expected to control the migration of population mobility. Other impact, we were able to push the number of unemployed and poor people in Jakarta for being able to hit the urbanization, "she said. (sj)

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