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Strange sighting at the base of the Baltic Sea, UFOS?

VIVAnews --on June 19, 2011, sonar (sound navigation and ranging) emitted exploration team led by researcher Peter Lindberg, Sweden, strange sightings in the basic finding of the Baltic Sea. This is an anomaly which never witnessed earlier researchers.

Initially, the team used sonar to search for the wreck that carries some old champagne box which is very rare. Instead, the team quite find what dikalim as mysterious circular objects that may have come from outer space (ekstraterresterial).

Like a loaded Live Sciece, told the local media, Sweden Linberg explains, the object is found his team at a depth of 300 feet (91,44 meters) on the seabed which is situated between Sweden and Finland. "Great circle's diameter is 60 feet (18, 28 m). In this profession, we often find strange objects, however during 18 years of work experience, I've never seen anything like it. The round shape is perfect, "he said.

Add the kemisteriusan naval base, Gulf of Bothnia Linberg says, he found evidence of environmental damage near the thing. Allegedly as a result of the fall of the thing.

Up to now, it is unclear what exactly these objects. Provoked a tabloid and the people who are convinced of the existence of UFOS, emerging allegations of such objects are flying saucers sentient space.  When the thing menghempas the sea floor, he makes the surrounding environment is corrupted.

Despite rumours of UFO broke, Lindberg alone do not recommend to connect it with the findings of his strange sentient ekstraterresterial. It is precisely the skew considers it as Stonehenge-ancient buildings--a new type.

However, based on the resolution of the image resulting from the sonar waves, the form object is not completely round, such as claims Linberg. Meanwhile, the nearby may not at all related to the object.

Linberg says his team has no interest or the resources to solve this mystery. Moreover, the underwater research requires huge funds and ate a long time. If it is true that objects are flying saucers sentient Starship, such disclosure could generate money for even the millions of billions of dollars. Conversely, if it turns out to be just natural formations, it's only going to make money and time.

This is not the first time in the underwater objects presented to answer a mystery, having previously been ' Bimini Road '-rock formations in the Caribbean near the Bahamas similar roads or walls. Followers of the movement New Age or new age and conspiracy theory believers consider it is man-made, not natural. The formation was then linked with the lost city of Atlantis. However, geological research, uncovering the formation does unusual-shaped, but entirely natural. (umi)

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