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i really love myself, and i don't accept if i got torment. i know what i'm doing without anybody disturbing me. i know what i'm suppose to do. please don't disturb me while i don't want to speak to anybody.

everybody has a problem, that maybe secret, or not, and they just want to keep it in their mind. so nobody knows. i have my own problems, i have my own secrets, i got it all. and once i say no, it means no.

please don't ask me stupid and shit questions. it makes me really messed up. if you trying to make me smile again or back in to normal, you should have a perfect time to talk to me.

you don't have to ask me every time, and i always answer no! but you keep and keep asking and give shit words for me. it's not make me feel better.

exactly you make my problems build up! i know myself, i'm not really an emosional person. and i don't like acting cute when i know i'm not.

you can look at my face, once i got angry, i angry. once i disappointed, i disappointed. when i don't want to talk, please don't talk to me or even call my name.

seriously, i have problems. so you don't have to know all about my OWN PROBLEMS, i grown up, and i can fix my problems by myself. once i need someone to help, i'll ask them. but not know, because i know you're not interfered with this.

i want to tweet to all of my friends without any obstacle
i want to have my ex contact without you have to delete them all
i want to hang out with my friends if there's boy or not.
i don't like if you're join in my problems
i don't like you're angry with my friend (actually, you're not my parent)
i don't like being that tortured

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