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These fish are found alive, four months After the earthquake

VIVAnews -Two-tailed goldfish chef managed to survive in the Aquarium after 134 days nothing is feeding or cleaning the aquarium water. They were discovered by Vicky Thornley, owner of carp a chef for the first time was allowed to return to his Office were blown away in downtown Christchurch, New Zealand.

Shaggy and Daphne, the name of both a goldfish that chefs, possibly survive because eating Lichen or algae. They may also obtain other sources of nutrients, because three of their colleagues who are not found in the Aquarium.

"When the earthquake happened, I mengenggam an aquarium fish, good storage to prevent it from falling and so I can still stand," said Thornley was quoted as saying Independent, from August 1, 2011. "But after that, my thoughts immediately turned to the youngster who is found not to be subjected to injuries," he said.

Since most of the city was destroyed, just some time ago he was allowed back came to his Office. "That should only be one hour and under surveillance," said Thornley.

Thornley mentions, when he did not see the Aquarium goldfish chefs because assumed that animals that have died peliharannya. However he realized when an officer called for: "Hey, there's a fish here and still alive."

"Once it I was immediately appalled," said Thornley. "Goldfish it looked pale, but in a healthy condition.

According to Paul Clarkson, curator of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, United States, the prosper because goldfish that lived in a large aquarium with many mosses and algae growing on rocks and walls of the aquarium. "Since there is no electricity to activate filter water, bacteria that grow naturally has helped the carp was kept alive by keeping water conditions," he said.

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