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Eep Saefulloh Also Are Interested In The Chair Of Governors JAWA

VIVAnews -a number of independent candidates for the election of the head of The Jakarta 2012 continues to surge. They range from politicians, analysts and entrepreneurs. After the name of the Djan Farid, is now starting to appear the name of the economic observer Faisal Basri, a political observer and Eep Saefulloh Fatah.

Faisal Basri has declared itself to be progressing as one of the prospective candidates Governor Jawa. While the new Eep, convey his intention to take part in the selection of JAWA 1 through an account Twitternya.

The revelation that Eep was delivered On Thursday evening, July 21, 2011, that he intends to go forward as a candidate for Governor of DKI. In kicaunya, Eep says, "Goodnight Tweeps, with all due respect to the Mas @ faisalbasri & @ mkusumawijaya Mas, I probably would go forward as a candidate for Governor of DKI."

In addition to the three names, there are a number of other rumored name took part in the elections Jawa. They include, among others, former Adhyaksa Dault Affairs, says the Enduring of the Dibo Piss, former Minister of tourism, Marzuki Usman, and Maj. Gen. Suharto.

While from the party, there is a name of Azis, the man Ramadhani, Syamsudin and Tantowi Yahya, who all of Golkar. There is also the name of the Deputy Governor of Jakarta Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who reportedly had been nominated by PDI Perjuangan.

While the name Nachrowi Ramli, who is currently serving as the head of DPRD DKI Jakarta, is expected to take part with the support of the Democratic Party. And from there the prosperous Justice Party, the former name of Nugroho Djayusman Kapolda Metro Jaya.

While Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo admitted haven't thought to fight again or not in the 2012 Elections later. Currently, the Foke are still not willing to discuss the matter.

According to the Foke currently he is still the focus of carrying out some of the work programme. To go forward in exchange for the next period of DKI Governor candidate, he had not thought of. (umi)

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