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Masjid Al-Hana Roosniah Are Ready To Greet The Fast

VIVAnews -Roosniah, mother of Aburizal Bakrie, inaugurated the magnificent mosque in Jalan Bogor Nirvana, Village Mulyaharja, district of Bogor Selatan, Bogor, West Java.

The inauguration of the Grand Mosque named Al-Roosniah Ahmad, was attended by representatives from a large family, among other things, the the Blazt OBD Nirwan Bakrie and Anindya Bakrie. In addition to the family, attended the inauguration of the mosque was also attended by dozens of orphans who are in the vicinity of the mosque.

According to Anindya Bakrie, the mosque was built in housing Bogor Nirvana Residence (BNR) city of Bogor, West Java, is one of the efforts to improve the the Blazt OBD family worship to Almighty God.

"Al-Roosniah Mosque's construction was 70 Achmad per cent and the holy month of Ramadan this can already be used for worship," said Anindya on VIVAnews after the inauguration of the masjid Al-Roosniah, Saturday, July 30, Achmad 2011.

Anindya says, the extensive building reached the mosque 7,996 milk m2 and is able to accommodate 2,500 people this is not just to provide a means of places of worship, but also to the means of education and the library. Therefore, in the short term the school building to be erected, and the library.

In addition, he built the mosque said Anindya, Roosniah Al-Acmad is expected to create a people to God ALMIGHTY and righteous berahlaq noble in the sight of Allah.

"Its mission to fight three blind, blind to the understanding of the Quran, blind to the practice of worship and against blind karimah ahlaqul," said Anindya. "Therefore, the existence of this mosque should be adjusted with the vision and mission," he said. (Report: Ayatollah Humaeni | Bogor)

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