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Foke Larang Citizens Therapy on the Railway

VIVAnews -DKI Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo appealed to Jakarta residents not to continue the therapy treatment above railway Rawabuaya, West Jakarta. In addition to not be accounted for by medical, therapy is also endangering safety.

"I've asked to head and to call upon lurah residents so as not to do things that couldn't be accounted for," said Fauzi Bowo on Jakarta's City Hall, Friday, July 22, 2011.

Fauzi Bowo even denied, the reason people prefer therapy treatment on electric rail because of the health center in the region they are not able to provide optimal service, especially for citizens who could not afford.

"It's a matter of people being wrongly, of mindsetnya, formerly the health subdistrict we can ISO, ISO and is not provided free of charge, there is a test and assessment," he said.

Public health indicator in the city of Jakarta is not only seen from the Clinic only. Therefore, continued he, the choice of the citizens to follow therapy treatment of electric rail had to be straightened out and cannot be associated with the assumption of low Health Ministry in Jakarta.

"I repeatedly success indicators of public health in the capital Jakarta is not only a clinic. There are other indicators of again, "he said.

Earlier, health services Jakarta instruct to village and subdistrict Health Center officials to provide guidance related to therapy that is done the citizens.

"Treatment of therapy with sleeping on more risk, as well as the membayakan yourself and others," said the head of the Jakarta Health Office, Dien Emawati in Jakarta.

Dien, explained there has been no statement or research that States that an electric rail was able to cure the therapy of diseases. It appealed to citizens not doing electric rail therapy again. (adi)

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