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2020, China Prepare renewable energy 500GW

VIVAnews -China announced their plans to bring renewable energy sources in the next 10 years. In total, the country will generate 500 Gigawatt of renewable energy by 2020.

Of these totals, wind power plant is one of the most improved. From plans to produce a Gigawatt of 25 previously set, now the plan was increased to 150 Gigawatt.

Apart from the wind, the liquid fuel will also was encouraged. In 10 years, China will increase the production of ethanol from 2 million tons to 10 million tonnes as well as expand biodiesel from 0.05 million tons to 2 million tons.

Currently, China has become the main leader in the field of solar-powered water heater mounted on rooftops. The Government of the country is now targeting to have a totall 300 million square meters of solar water heaters in homes for the population. This figure rises to 100 million square meters compared to 2006.

More detail, 500 Gigawatt of renewable electricity will come from hydro power amounting to 300 Gigawatt, wind power for 150 Gigawatt, biopower, and of 30 Gigawatt solar power 20 Gigawatt.

In comparison, the United States alone will only get the additional renewable energy supply amounted to 16 Gigawatt after budget Recovery Act asked the Obama administration over allocated. Although renewable energy in the u.s. it doubled compared to the last 30 years, but the number is much compared to the target made by China.

To be sure, WordlessTechquoted from, July 30, 2011, renewable energy development plan in China is a very positive step. The reason, as known, China is a country that became a factory for the whole industry in the world. And if carbon emissions there could be pressed, it is good news for the rest of the world. (umi)

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