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Week Raids, 484 Beggar in DKI Netted

VIVAnews -ahead of the fasting month, the Jakarta Government regulate persons with social welfare Issues (PMKS). Regulation is done 20 July 2011 to the end of this month. According to the head of the Police Unit Pamong Praja (Satpol PP) Effendi Anas, simultaneous raids conducted in five areas in the capital.

"Now the number of already declining. PMKS But continuing to do penghalauan, "he said in Jakarta Thursday, Balaikota 28 July 2011. Although declining, he said already PMKS, reform will be carried back by the middle of next month, ahead of the Idul fitri which is 15-28 August.

Based on data Satpol PP JAWA, a netted most PMKS in Central Jakarta which is the total of 271 people. In South Jakarta which netted as much as the amount of PMKS 98 people, West Jakarta, as many as 65 people, North Jakarta, and as many as 30 people in Eastern Jakarta as many as 20 people.

To date, namely, that netted PMKS Jockey 3 in 1, Mr. hat, scavenger, snot, and beggars. For human wheelbarrow, from the report, has not been much visible. Because, usually human-cart, will appear before Idul fitri.

To control this Satpol PP fielded approximately 1,800 personnel. However, the amount is divided for some regulation, such as the regulation of liquor (Liquor), Firecracker, and the flags of political parties. "For regulating PMKS kept going," he asserts. (eh)

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