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VIDEO: Caught On CCTV, Robbery Foiled

VIVAnews -Action flock to robbers loot a computer store in Tasikmalaya, West Java, successfully thwarted. The robbers haven't gotten around to taking the goods because of recorded CCTV cameras.

In the recording of the three robbers are open looks Gate Shop by means of weld. After the open, they entered into by using the mini bus color dark blue. See video here

But the action was ultimately thwarted after residents tell their owners due to noise. After seeing the CCTV footage that is connected to a laptop, store owners, Dedan saw the robbers were trying to dismantle the forced door. Then Dedan tells employees to immediately come out and shouted at Maling.

As they are afraid of being caught, the robbers fled. A recording was later handed over to the Police Department to study and pursue a mugger. (eh)

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