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Democrats Still Search Companion Nachrowi Ramli

VIVAnews -Chairman of the regional representative Council (DPD) democratic, Nachrowi Ramli, remains confident to go forward as prospective candidates Governor of DKI Jakarta 2012, although her partner, Rano Karno, has been officially paired with Ratu Atut, as candidate for Governor and Vice Governor of Banten.

The Secretary of the Board Chairman of The Democratic Party (DPD), Irfan Gani said, paired with an aborted Rano Karno Nachrowi contested seats JAWA 1, is not a problem, both for the Democratic Party, as well as for his own Nachrowi.

"We never tried to remove one's political rights. When Rano decided to join Atut, we've had alternative, "said Irfan in Jakarta Friday, July 22, 2011.

Said Irfan, there is now some names that will replace Rano Karno to co-exist with Exchange Nachrowi elections head region Jawa. However, according to him, this time all the names of candidates that are still in the process of penggodokan.

"The Democrats have never closed the opportunity for those interested to become an escort Nachrowi Ramli. Many are applying for. Both politicians and businessmen. But we'll be counting just yet, "he said.

However, when asked who the democratic choice of the figure will be in harmony with Nachrowi Ramli, Irfan was reluctant to answer it. "We are still choosing to match, and we hope sooner is better able to quickly find," he said.

Irfan revealed that Governor candidate pairs must be strengthened, so that when selected can work well together and are able to organize the capital Jakarta for the better.

"Calon Governor later should strengthen not complete and should not be undermined as well. There must be no gap for the opponent to weaken us, "he added.

Nachrowi Ramli, born in Jakarta, July 12, 1951, and spent most of his life in the military and the intelligence world, especially in areas of telik password. Large sons Betawi in Kramat Sentiong was, Central Jakarta, has a commitment to the development of society and culture with the Betawi silat steeped in Betawi. (eh)

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