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The Port Of Muara More Finalized November

VIVAnews -Muara Port Development, More Penjaringan already reached 80 per cent. Department of transportation (Dishub) Jakarta maintains the project finalized November this year.

According to the head of the field of maritime transport and Air Transport Service, DKI Jakarta, Muara Port Development Turipno More work since 2003 and is intended for passenger transport and pedestrian access to the thousand islands. "November 2011 will be finalized and promulgated by DKI Governor Fauzi Bowo, said Turipno in Jakarta, Monday 1 August 2011.

He explains, the concept of a port is created as a passenger terminal in General. As there is a passenger waiting room, ticket, boarding pass like the airport, as well as parking to the back of the ship.

"The extent of 3 hectares and is currently a new 5,600 square meters which has been built," he said. "The construction of the harbour take
the cost of USD $ 130 billion, "he said.

Turipno added, according to the Governor's DECREE No. 123 of 1995, in addition to transporting passengers, the port of Muara More also became the base for operating the ships of the provincial Government of Jakarta, including the Dishub, and Satpol PP.

"The harbour Mouth is More access to the thousand islands which is expected by the residents, including foreign and local tourists," said Turipno.

He also reveals the traditional passenger ships, which now operates in Marina Ancol also will be docked to the port, as well as private ships. "The ship that had been operating out of Dishub have 8 ships, while traditional passenger ships, there are 20 ships," adds Turipno.

In addition to completing the harbor Mouth More, go Turipno, Office of transportation Jakarta will also enable the two

New ships worth Rp 50 billion for 200 passengers on a regular basis. "Procurement of two transports passengers to make it easier for the citizens of the thousand islands across to Jakarta or vice versa. During this time they cross the difficulties due to the lack of boats, "explains Turipno. (ren)

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