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Djoko Kendil Food, Luxury Train Of Colonial Remnants

VIVAnews -Indonesia to be proud of. Two of the three historic railway built the colonial era 1938 polished so antiques. The two trains were named Djoko Kendil food. And where the other one?

According to the head of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Railway COMPANY PT Yasa Hall Indonesia (KAI) Djoko Hardianto, an artificial colonial railways were now in the land of Uncle Sam.

"The train was on the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Years younger to make one year of which belonged to Indonesia, 1939, "said Djoko.

This historic train repair is also not solely just happens. As mentioned this is her dream, Djoko to conjure up the old trains into something worthwhile.

To be precise in 2008 with a number of administrations, Djoko employees improve train production country windmill.

"I'll fix it all, including the interior. The machine itself is still original. Alhamdulillah within four months of completion, "says he.

It's not an easy thing for man is a graduate of mechanical engineering University of Sriwijaya, Palembang was to transform the old trains to be interesting and valuable. However, the fascinating world of railways, encouraged him to do more.

"I intentionally made this train to tell kids (employees) I later. I have a message for those with these trains, i.e. that they value the goods that are already obsolete. Because although the old stuff, but if it's been repaired and maintained will surely look new again, "he said.

According to him, originally Djoko Kendil food just like any other old train. Not well maintained, obsolete and their colour is faded. However, thanks to finish him, now tub train dreams.

The train was painted in two colours, beige and green. While the interior is made so modern. The walls are made of teak wood pelitur painted Brown. His seat was designed as comfortable as possible with a single model of sofa are wrapped with genuine leather is black which looks so elegant.

Inside you will see some trains, such as bars and spaces equipped with two flat-screen television. Trains only operate if Djoko Kendil food there is a special request only. "For the cost of the renovation, we fund hundreds of millions of dollars," he added.

The pride of his time growing more Djoko expressed pass tests and viable operation. Then, suddenly it came the news of President SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO intends to give it a try.

"At that time, Mr. President up from Tanjung Priok. I had called him to chat for a bit. He said he was happy with this train and grateful, "the story of Djoko.

Not only that, in the spirit of Djoko explain if the results of the design it's bulletproof. "The last month has been tested with this train Kopassus, and bulletproof," he said as he showed traces of bullet holes tested.

Djoko admitted could realize her dream finally happy. He hoped there would be lots of other great Djoko.

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