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Jammed, The Hearing Requested Speeding Tickets Twice A Week

VIVAnews – police giving solution to parse due to congestion ticketed session every Friday in State Court.

According to the Director of Metro Polda Jaya Traffic Commissioner Lumowa, police already Royke do speak to the Court to impose the trial twice in a week. "That Way at least could reduce the density of vehicles," said Royke in Jakarta.

In addition, Ditlantas will also be asked pegadilan to maximize existing parking area inside the building, so that vehicles are not accumulated on the road.

In fact, traffic congestion on alternative parse ticketed session, said Royke, is a citizen does not need to come to court. Sufficient payment by BRI. However, despite the way it was enacted, there are still many people who are reluctant to pay at the BRI.

"They are still reluctant, wants own trial," he added.

Royke Express, wild parking on the street some court considers bahun source stacking vehicles. To that end, he made sure the new breakthrough search immediately in addressing that issue.

As known, dutifully carried out Muchhala 2011 Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Directorate on 11-July 24, and menilang 100.093 the owner of a motor vehicle.

For the reprimand and a warning as much 10.714 times. Whereas the data before the operation was only reprimanded 419 times. Meanwhile, for the motor vehicle are dealt with as many as 68.072 times, public transport and private vehicles of 23,124, 14.540 times. (umi)

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