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A police Operation in Ramadaan

VIVAnews – in order to suppress the level of street crime (crime Street) were very high during the month of Ramadan, Police officials along the range area of Metro Jaya will perform the operation Lightning Jaya 2011 in all regions simultaneously.

The head of The Metro Polda Jaya, an operational Commissioner Sujarno said, answering the needs of the operation, which increased during the month of fasting. "Prediksinya put it this way during fasting and ahead of the Eid al-Fitr is definitely a lot of needs. The goal should be to street crime, thuggery, gerebek (theft with pemberatan), curas (theft with violence), including the firecracker and alcoholic beverages and empty House, "said Sujarno, Friday, July 29, 2011.

Sujarno explains, these Operations will be carried out Muchhala Lightning on July 2-August 14, 2011. For areas which are considered prone to street crime, it still charted at Polres. Sujarno said later Kapolres, will be collected to make efficiency of mapping-prone areas and many houses are empty.

Based on the data, in June 2011 the action gerebek happens 572 cases. While as many as 67 curas action cases and curanmor as much as 385 cases. This amount is predicted rise in Ramadan later.

Meanwhile, in the month of Ramadan 2010 which falls on the month of September 2010, the action of theft with pemberatan occurred as much as 439 cases or a day on average occurs 14 cases. Then the action took place in September 2010 curas as much as 73 cases or on average 2-3 cases per day. Theft of motor vehicles in September 2010 occur as many as 728 cases or on average 23-24 cases per day.

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