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Why The Tower Saidah Left Blank?

VIVAnews -not many know the reason terbengkalainya building Tower Saidah in Jalan MT Haryono, East Jakarta. Since the end of 2007, the building began to be emptied.

Some people say poor management are managed by the family of Ibrahim Abu Bakr led Saidah the tenants of this building out one by one. However, there is also a source that confirms that the structure of the building is the tower that the longer the Saidah slant.

According to the watch list, Friday, July 29, 2011, the building's condition was not well maintained Towers Saidah, quiet no terhuni. There is only a postal clerk who kept vigil in front of security. While the front and rear doors chained fences and locked padlock.

Grace, one of the former security officer found in Saidah Tower front page of the building, said he had heard there were some indeed parties who want to buy the building. However, whatever the reason up to now no reportedly.

"A lot of that bid, but were never released by the owner. The latter was not through the Satyagama by the University of Rp450 billion. The end is not so, because the owner did not want to show the picture of the structure of the building, though already bring in experts from Japan, "he said.

Grace who had worked for eight years in the building were revealed, then the termination of employment carried out unilaterally, and to this day hundreds of employees have not obtained a severance as their rights.

Before the fall into the hands of the family, the previous building was Saidah named Grancindo Hall. However after the monetary crisis, the building was sold. The building that was once only has 15 floors were maintained and remodeled into family Saidah 28 floors. Saidah Tower began to operate in 2001.

"The news about the slope of the building could have been true, because the owner of the building does not ever want to show the picture of the structure of the building to the bidder. They also eventually retreated because inevitably take a risk, it's important, "he said.

When confirmed, Lurah Cikoko, Salih Nopiansyar said the local goverment party up to now have not received any reports of plans for demolition Menara Saidah by new owners.

"There has been no report that goes on to me. I have also long been said to the guards to pass to the owner of the building if I want to meet, I would like to ask the survival of these buildings, "he said.

Salih, it has always expressed a trying to find information related to building a more lazy. Recent news that he heard, there are those who are interested in purchasing the building however has always been at a standstill in the middle of the road and there is no word yet again.

"The Relating issue of slope of a building or land it right since the beginning of the construction would have been no calculations were, of course the more experts know," he said. (eh)

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