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Projection Polda: 2014 Jakarta Could Crash Total

VIVAnews -Metro Polda Jaya Traffic Director, Commissioner Royke Lumowa, predicts 2014 Jakarta will be jammed together. This can happen as long as there is no significant solutions, for the regulation of vehicle restrictions are clearly established its existence.

The basic rationale, said Royke, a new car that appear per day in Jakarta reached 700 units. That number will continue to rise ahead of the car manufacturers sell the vehicle with a low price in order to achieve the desired target.

"Indeed the regulation limits the car's birth does not exist, then I say long term and must be thought of now or look for a secondary education. But if the Government is quick, short-term shall be by way of restricting private vehicles, e.g. fixing public transit now, "said Royke, Monday 1 August 2011.

According to Royke, to anticipate these things happen, there must be extreme policies. For example, the birth of a new car vehicle with a specific program should be dibarengin, as well as family planning conducted by the Government to limit the number of children in the family.

Royke notice of implementation of film policy operational hours, heavy vehicles are certainly not enough to parse traffic jams, therefore there must be other policies that support, as well as the policies don't also just rolled out a policy. It can walk up to 5-10 years into the future. Thus, the impact is felt too long.

"We have to follow the example of great countries such as Japan, Korea and Europe, where society is rarely buy a car, they prefer to use public transport," said Royke.

The existence of a policy of restriction of vehicles through a system of color dinilainya is also one of the alternatives to congestion. But it is still awaiting a decision from the provincial Government of Jakarta. Planned in the near future, this policy will be conducted trials.

Earlier, the limitation of the vehicle shall be made in color this August. However, until the beginning of August a decision enforcing the has not been issued by local governments. However, this policy will be Royke optimistic sting out useful when implemented.

Application Of ERP

Meanwhile, the head of the Department of transportation Jakarta, Is the current Pristono, revealed it has prepared a policy limiting the use of private vehicles i.e. through the implementation of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP).

Plan of withdrawal system on these riders would levy imposed on roads that were previously in force 3 in 1, i.e. all the way 5316392, General Sudirman, MH Thamrin, Merdeka Barat, Majapahit, Gajah Mada, Hayam Wuruk, The Big South, Big Doors.

It says Is, pending rules so that ERP can be run, the provincial Government of Jakarta and the Directorate of Traffic Police of the Metro Jaya chose to apply the system limitation of vehicle licence plates with even and odd color model of the vehicle. All policies of the provincial Government of DKI is a long-term solution to reduce congestion.

"Indeed the most suitable is the way of paying, but while waiting for it we will have other policy laksakan first color limitation system, vehicle," he said.

According to the Directorate of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya, in 2009, the number of motor vehicles reached 9.993.867. This number is increased by 15% in 2010 with a number of 11.362.396 which consists of two wheels as much as four-wheeled 8.244.346 units and as much as 3.118.050 units.

This amount has not been coupled with a number of the transit routes that cross in one according to data of the Directorate of Traffic Police of the Metro Jaya as 859.692 fleet. Length of roads in Jakarta only 7650 km and vast 40.1 miles or 0.26% of the total area of Jawa. While the growth in the length of the road only 0.01% per annum. (ren)

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