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The Victim Was Evacuate Banned Kalibata City

VIVAnews -at least eight heads of families whose house affected amblesnya guardrail Apartment Kalibata City still live in a rented house. They haven't got a certainty when the indemnification for the construction of houses damaged were accepted.

So far, developers of Apartment Kalibata City, Lasting Success, PT Pradani had rented for the citizens to give money that his house was damaged. The money that rented Rp1 million for one month. "We don't know until when. For sure the apartment was always checking and mantau. Later if there is already a certainty to be didbangun, has told, "said resident RW04, Rawajati, Pancoran, South Jakarta, to, Friday, July 29, 2011.

According to her, currently some neighbors live in rented house which is located not far from his home. Some choose to move home. Ati's own, this afternoon the House accidentally come looking for banned simply clean-up.

Ati explains, before the fix, the apartment will check the first condition of the parapet, because not even built until after the banned again.

He revealed, amblesnya dividing Apartment Kalibata City and houses occurred on Monday afternoon, July 25, 2011. "It was heavy rain. After 20 minutes the rain let up, the parapet collapsed. First crack, crumble after it fell to the ground, "light of Ati.

Ten houses in RT 11 banned at the back or the kitchen and bathroom. While 11 houses in RT 8 and 12 cracked the walls. The entire House is bordered by Apartamen Kalibata City. 2-meter-tall guardrail that separates apartments by township residents also get banned.

Ati adds, actually it is predictable. Because since
the installation of Earth nail and foundry, houses have also been cracked. But the developers have already talked to citizens when there are problems during the construction of the apertemen, they promise to be responsible.

Meanwhile, the developers of the Kalibata City Benny Suveltra, causes of the limiting it because the condition of the amblesnya nature. "When the rain its walls collapsed instantly," as the star.  "And at the time of the collapse of the wall that building workers are currently not doing activities," he said. (umi)

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