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The New e-ID CARD Ready in Two Wards

VIVAnews -head of the population and the civil registry (Dukcapil) Jakarta, Purba Hutapea said of 276 subdistricts of Jakarta, the e-ID CARD that is already complete in new subdivisions of Menteng and Kelurahan Cikoko.

"In the two wards are each already accepted a set," Ancient words over the phone, Thursday, July 28, 2011. He added that any one set of e-ID CARD consists of a computer, cameras, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, scanner signature, and the server.

For the other village, he explained that the e-ID CARD that has been up about 30 percent, but not complete. The e-ID CARD sent through the mail. "Some wards, the device that has arrived is not complete. As computer and monitornya it. "

His opinion, the availability of tools for the implementation of the e-ID CARD as an absolute requirement. In addition to the devices that are not yet arrived in the village, the network is also unresolved. Until now, only about 50 percent of the network have been resolved in five areas in Jakarta. He added, a network with devices must match. Once all is complete will be tested. "Must be in alignment, tool, network ready," he said.

For the delay, it has asked the Ministry of the Interior, who promised to return the device will arrive at the latest on Saturday, July 30 release. "We've had a call and ask, his tool until Saturday tomorrow," he said.

Despite having done a test tool for electronic ID CARD (e-ID CARD) in the Village of Menteng, Central Jakarta, but in some wards perangakat e-ID CARD is yet to come up.

According to the head of Kebayoran Lama, Budi Wibowo, said of the six wards in the new kecamatannya, a village just the device an e-ID CARDS of his coming, that is in the Village Pondokpinang. other areas, according to Bob is yet to come.

However, he admitted that for electricity supply there is no problem at all. "If for electricity, we are not a problem. You just need a 350 watt for one tool, so the electricity that is in each of the wards had been adequate. To our personnel also are ready, "said Budi.

Meanwhile, a separate head of Johar Baru were contacted, Suyanto Budi Roso, says that he has not been observed to village-a village located in the area of the town in Johar Baru.

The terms e-ID CARD

Purba Hutapea said that with the problem of social welfare (PMKS) couldn't get an e-ID CARD. Because of his opinion, to get an e-ID CARD there is a regulation that set it i.e. Act No. 23 of 2006 about the administration of population and Regional Regulations (Perda) No. 4 of 2004 concerning the registration of the population and civil registration in Jakarta.

Both these regulations require that administrative service to the residents who have a residence certificate of RT and local NEIGHBORHOODS. About PMKS, he added, the Social Service areas. Social Service has the task of fostering the PMKS to then be discharged according to their respective regions. Once constructed, the official PMKS resides will be a chance to get an e-ID CARD. "If they could be hosted at the official residence, they must bring a letter of introduction from RT to e-ID CARD," Ancient words.

He stated that the provincial government has collaborated with Kemendagri in order for everyone to get ID CARDS in accordance with the provisions.

As already described earlier by Dirjen Kemendagri Residency award e-ID CARDS to illegal citizens is not the task of the responsibility of the Office of Dukcapil, it is the responsibility of the Governor and the local Mayor to regulate and facilitate them in order to get ID CARDS.

In the letter of the Minister of the Interior Circular No. 471.13/2306/SJ on June 22, 2011, addressed to the Governor and Regents/mayors throughout Indonesia, explained that in Act No. 23 of 2006 about the residency Administration said, every resident has the right to gain residency documents, such as the family card, ID CARD, the Civil Registration Act, and the certificate of residence.

In the presidential Regulation No. 25/2008 is set, the registration of the population in the population and civil registration are in the area of its work include the domicile or residence of the population. Thus, the issuance of compulsory ID CARD based on the domicile or residence of the population. (sj)

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