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The road Reaches 588 Thousand Damage JAWA square meters

VIVAnews -Based data public works Service, DKI Jakarta and damaged roads in the capital of the perforated number reached 588 thousand square meters. Of that amount, a total of 444 thousand square meters has been improved throughout the semester (January-June) in 2011. Earlier in 2010, the damaged roads repaired successfully achieve 2.57 million square meters.

According to the head of the public works Service, DKI, Basworo plan, Ery book in semester 2 (July-December), it will also improve 144 thousand square meters of roads damaged. He explains, the improvements made by betonisasi for heavily damaged layer , to moderate damage laveling as well and patching to damaged.

Ery book reveals, it strives to improve the roads in the provinces and the local conditions. So that way it can pass a motor vehicle without incurring congestion and traffic accidents.

"We want to provide comfort on user traffic. Therefore, we strive acceleration of settlement roads damaged, "said Ery book Basworo in Jakarta, Monday, July 25, 2011.

Meanwhile, the head of the maintenance of Roads and bridges Department of public works (PU) DKI, Hasnil Hasan Basri, told to fix the roads of the province, annually performed routine maintenance work is done with layerbetonisasi,, and patchinghotmix.

Road improvements are taken from the budget allocation of budget funds for regular observance multiyearspolicies, so the road repair work does not stop when the turn of the fiscal year.

"The current road conditions in DKI Jakarta Province is already quite good, as we continue to do the maintenance of the road. Hopefully this second half of the rain eased, allowing the provincial roads are not quickly perforated or damaged, "said Hasnil.

His opinion, the Fund multiyears routine maintenance (2010-2011) of Usd 75.5 billion budgeted for road repair in five regions. With the breakdown of funds routine maintenance in Central Jakarta is Rp 16 billion, East Jakarta, Rp 17 billion, North Jakarta is Rp 9.7 billion, Jakarta is Rp 10.7 billion and South Jakarta is Rp 5 billion. These funds are used to make improvements to the road in 2010 and 2011 semester I/.

The streets of the province which has been improved over the past semester I/2011, namely in Central Jakarta in between Jalan Sudirman, Thamrin, Merdeka Barat, Balikpapan, Bridge Marto, Matraman In, and Cempaka Putih Timur. East Jakarta in between Jalan Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Munjul, Headquarter Hankam, the hero of the revolution and Col. Sugiyono.

Then in West Jakarta, among them the Road North of Arjuna, Tomang, flyover Market morning and Commerce. Jakarta Utara, Muara Road East, among others, Kamal Muara, mango II and Gunung Sahari. As well as in South Jakarta, such as Road flyover Pancoran, Minangkabau, Kiai Maja, Gandaria, and Lebakbulus.

Funds are also used to improve the way the railway crossing was much damaged. Based on the data, in the five areas of Jakarta's total of 62 Street path TRAIN, among them 22 road in good condition and the path of the road 40 is badly damaged and perforated. The path of the road from the 40, as much as 33 Street RAILWAY track have been finished repaired by flattening the holes in the streets. Sedangan fixes one way path is located in Jalan Rawabuaya do Kemenpu.

To repair roads damaged in semester 2 (July-December) in 2011, The PU JAWA have budgeted allocation of Rp 19.5 billion that is used to improve the way of 144 thousand square meters. "At this time to repair roads damaged in the semester II is an auction process. There is already a related auction of this DECREE the Governor. Expected August could've made improvements to the road, "explained him.

The streets that will be fixed during the semester II in five areas, namely Central Jakarta including the road Space, Arif Rahman Hakim, Balikpapan, Petojo Utara and Jalan Field Shoot West. In South Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, the road Path Deplu Kingdom, Road Cemetery, Kalibata Heroes Lenteng Agung Road, West Road and Jalan Wijaya Trunojoyo I.

Then in North Jakarta, which will be fixed in between South Street Road, Cilincing Bandengan Porcupine, Kampung Bandan in Irish Road, Jalan Muara Karang and Muara, Sunter Lake Road West. In East Jakarta, among other Road Racing Bikes, road Bina Marga, Jamboree Cibubur, Mill Road, Highway and Road Radar Sukamto RS AURI. As well as in West Jakarta, among others, the Road North, Jelambar Bandengan East Main, Srengseng, Kemanggisan, Tanjung Duren Raya, Kembangan West and New Semanan Kingdom. (eh)

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