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Menhub: Go To Your Services, Do Not Find A Lot Of Profit

VIVAnews – Minister of transportation, Freddy Numberi, appealed to the public transport provider for lebaran doesn't take much advantage of the moment traditions go this year. This is certainly to facilitate all citizens back home in Ramadan later.

"We ask them to do too much looking for lucky, take in the Middle order to help communities go lebaran," said Freddy in the building of the Ministry of transportation, Jakarta, Monday, July 18, 2011.

The annual exodus of culture to the hometown fishing parties to seek profit, among them the transportation service provider. Freddy says knowing if there is an increase in tariffs. This, he said, also caused an increase in fuel prices.

However, Freddy is hoping a rise is not too much and not burdening the public. "Special trains and ship right there are subsidies, but for flights right there is the upper limit and lower limit. If past experience is not more than 10 percent, "he's obviously.

Freddy estimates at current diesel this year there was an increase in passengers for up to three percent or about 15 million people. "The flight of most hit 15 percent," said Freddy.

Not to mention the month of Ramadan began, a train ticket is already the best-selling sweet. Even for a ticket on the H-3, have mostly ludes sold. Sales figures remain big despite ticket prices rose to a two-fold.

"About the tickets ran out, then we check to the Director of PT KAI. PT KAI should also see that doesn't happen in a single person ticket buildup, it does not look good as well, "explained Freddy.

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