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End Of The Year, Lebakbulus Terminal Is Emptied

VIVAnews -DKI Jakarta provincial Government will stop the activity bus and counters in the Terminal Lebakbulus, South Jakarta. The end of 2011, a terminal area of its location right next to the stadium Lebakbulus it will be emptied. Later, the activity will be redirected to the Terminal Kampungrambutan, East Jakarta.

According to the head of the Terminal Lebakbulus, Ferdinand Karel Wowor, was done in order to accelerate the hollowing out of the construction of depo mass rapid transit (MRT) which will be built around the terminal.

The plan, that location will be the repository of heavy equipment for the MRT project. It has also been moving to all maintainers menyosialisasikan bus between cities across the province (AKAP).

"The plan was vacated later this year, because of the MRT project will start being worked early 2012," said Wowor in Jakarta.

He admitted, this gets a rejection of the transfer manager bus AKAP. The complaint, he said, also have been delivered in the meetings at the provincial level. "Let's hope it's the best solution for public services which require public transport is not disrupted," he's bright.

The Chairman of the Employee Cooperative Intercity Bus (Kowanbisata) Terminal Lebakbulus, Sumardi, said the transfer of operational Terminal Lebakbulus to Kampungrambutan, to be prepared for mature.

Even so, he hoped the Government continues to look for alternatives in the vicinity of South Jakarta. "We support the Government program, but please look for as well as terminal replacement and is still in the area of South Jakarta," said Sumardi.

He argued, would pose a problem precisely removals. Because, increasingly concerned about a proliferation of shadow bus terminal in a number of the road in South Jakarta. So that it can make traffic congestion continues to be severe. "We hope the DKI Jakarta provincial government examines this removal plan," he said.

At least 282 plots of land needs to be freed for the MRT of Lebak Bulus corridor towards the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout. The funds budgeted for the liberation of land this year amounted to Rp580 billion.

The first phase of MRT development plan carried out by building the railway from Lebak Bulus until Roundabout HI along 15.5 km consisting of 10.5 kilometres at ground level as well as 5 kilometers underground.

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