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Passengers in limbo at sea

VIVAnews -hundreds of passengers/passenger Motor boat (NMC) Bahuga Jaya panicked. They swayed for 10 hours in the Sunda Strait after their boat there dead machines. When two months ago she treated specifically.

The machine sudden NMC Bahuga Jaya shortly ngadat Ene after sailing from the port, Lampung to Bakauheni port of Merak, Banten, Friday, July 29, 2011. Why is the cooling pipes of motor carrier vessel rupture. Repairs took quite a long time.

After bobbing in the waters of the Strait of Sunda, finally Sat 30 Jul 2011 in the morning, the ship belongs to the shipping company PT Atosim Lampung cruise (ALP) dinakhodai Syehan with the head of the engine room (KKM) Nuryanto leaning on the pier IV port of Merak. She can ride after the drag two tugboat.

"All the passengers on the boat survived. Only one person who seems to be exhausted and need to get medical treatment, "said the head of the branch of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry the main branch of the Peacock, La Mane, disela-sela the process of loading and unloading of passengers and vehicles from the port of Merak, Saturday morning.

From the list of manifest, NMC Bahuga Jaya carry passengers 91 people, up as much as 84 people and children of 7 people. Non-passenger tickets for as much as 294 people.

While the number of vehicles which transported as many as 56 units by motorcycle details 6 units, vehicles, SAT one unit, vehicle pick up 7 units, colt 12 units, small buses, large trucks 1 unit 11 units, as well as a large bus 5 units.

Head Administrator Port (Adpel) class I Banten, Baptist Gen. Soegih Arto explains, according to a news event which was ditandatangi by nahkoda and KKM NMC Bahuga Jaya, such damage occurred in the cooling motor carriers.

"According to the chronological order delivered at news events, cruise ships in the port of Merak to Bakauheni, out of the dock II at 2: 45 pm," he said.

Described the Baptists at 15.15 PM, NMC position out Muchhala flow Port Bahuga Bakauheni, on the Western tip of the island with the speed of the ship less Sanghyang is 8.5 knots, then to the Southwest with a speed of 1 to 2 knots.

Bautista also explained at 15.30 PM position NMC transverse end Bahuga Jaya 05 GPS position, 55 degrees south latitude, 2/105 degrees, 52, 2 East Longitude having a dead machine or black out due to the cooling pipes of motor burst.

After experiencing death machine, contact the NMC Bahuga Jaya to PT ALP sent tug boat attempted and report to shift traffic control at the port of Merak, asked for help tug boat.

One of the passengers on the ship, Sugiyono recounted that before dying machine he now resides in economy class hears a loud explosions coming from the bottom.

"After the blast, about five minutes, the boat suddenly stopped and didn't sound any more sound engine of the boat," said the Greens sat buckled in Sugiyono parking PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry branch of the Peacock.

Passengers from South Lampung Pringsewu going towards Subang with his family's claim to fear because the ship's engine dies, after the ship was dragged down the flow. The increase after nearly ten hours katung terkatung finally he saw two boats approaching towards the NMC Bahuga Jaya.


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