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Six Kapolres in Polda Metro Replaced

VIVAnews -Republik Indonesia memutasi six Head Resort and General Director of Criminal and criminal Special Polda Metro Jaya. The shift of position contained in the Letter Secret Telegram (STR) numbered Kapolri STR/1525-1526/VI/2011 July 29, 2011.

Kapolres Central Jakarta which Commissioner Hamidin and Kapolres Jakarta, Commissioner of Yazid was demoted because it is being followed Fanani school high officers (Sespati). As his successor, Office Kapolres Central Jakarta will be filled by Commissioner Angesta Yoyol Romano.

Meanwhile, for Kapolres Jakarta would be replaced by Assistant Commissioner Setija Junianta who previously served Kapolres Bekasi Regency. Bekasi Regency Office Kapolres himself would be filled by the Illegal Revelation of previously served as head of Hadiningrat Satgaswil Jabar Detachment 88 National Police Headquarters.

Kapolres South Jakarta, formerly occupied by Illegal Gatot Edi will be filled by the Newspaper Al-Kaabi, who served as Imam Kapolres Bekasi City, while the position of Kapolres City is now occupied by the Bekasi Kombes Priyo Widyanto.

For Kapolres Depok, Kombes Fery Abraham, was demoted to become head of Paminal Provos Divpropam Polri. A replacement Ferry at Depok is Illegal Mulyadi Kaharni.

Illegal Gatot Edi, who previously served as Kapolres of South Jakarta, was demoted to Director General Polda Metro Jaya Criminal replacing Illegal Herry Rudolf Nahak who was demoted to the Police Science high school (STICKS).

Director of Special Criminal Police Metro Jaya Newspaper, Yan Fitri Halimansyah Kabagrenma Robinops Bareskrim transferred to the national police. His position was succeeded by Newspaper Sufyan Sharif. (art)

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