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Kopaja AC officially launched, Convenient and inexpensive

VIVAnews -today, the city bus passengers can enjoy a cooling or air conditioner (AC) with rates the same as buses in General, that is Usd 2,000. one of the operators of public transport in Jakarta, PT Jakarta public transportation Cooperative (Kopaja) has launched the 8 bus AC Trackage S-13 majors Ragunan-Slipi.  Kopaja buses was inaugurated by the Department of transport AIR CONDITIONING Jakarta yesterday.

"The existence of the bus is air-conditioned is a fresh wind for citizens requiring public transit convenient, safe and cheap. So I resmikan today operation 20 Kopaja buses, "said Pristono, Is in Jakarta.

This Bus has a capacity of 35 passengers, have a look that is almost similar to the Transjakarta, i.e. Special handrails. His seat was relatively the same, neither with a system of entrance and exit of passengers.

"PT Kopaja trying to improve its service to the citizens of Jakarta, without having to burden the citizens. Eventually the company launched a bus being that have air conditioning. Conditions in the Agency and is adjusted by Transjakarta bus, "he said.

It says Pristono, Kopaja have also provided the infrastructure for the operation of the bus, the pool and garage. So before the bus operation, the condition of the machine and the bus body is checked first. So too with the bus driver, before his health must be checked in order to be on duty can work well.

"That way, can be guaranteed a State bus was very good as well with the driver. So that passengers can use this bus with a sense of safe and comfortable, "he said.

Changes in terms of management is also carried out by PT Kopaja, i.e. wages trolley no longer based on the deposit, but already with the system of salary. The application of the system is expected to eliminate the inconsiderate actions trolley which occur due to the need to pursue the deposit.

Whereas the increase in fares, Pristono asserted it could have been done given the circumstances of this air-cooled bus is already of good quality. If PT Kopaja will raise tariffs, should still be through the procedure fixed i.e. apply to the Governor of Jakarta, since that could determine the increase in public transport fares are in the hands of the Governor of DKI.

Pristono hope, the whole public transport operators can follow the footsteps of PT Kopaja do revitalizing public transport. As a result, Jakarta has comfortable public transport, safe and cheap as bus Transjakarta. For the next PT Kopaja also plans to add about 75 bus fleet is air-conditioned.

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