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The new design of the airport would Make Jammed?

VIVAnews -concept of ' new city ' lead in the new design master plan Soekarno-Hatta International Airport was believed to be able to realize the expectations of the citizens of Indonesia have classy airport.

Not only that, with a wide range of facilities, masyarakata created seemed not to be in the airport. The airport will be integrated with the train station, shopping centre, and office buildings.

There will also be built on the location of the parking lot has a capacity of 20 thousand units of vehicles, as well as commercial area that features a centerbusiness, the hotel transit and meeting room.

However, before all that was built, the town of observer Trisakti University, Yayat Supriatna assess it's worth it first addressed its transport infrastructure. Therefore, Yayat reveal, do not let the airport development is precisely the cause new problems, that is the bottleneck.

"With the condition of millions of people move there is a huge market potential, high mobility. But the question is, when it's crowded, the comfort aspect of how? For the airport will be more solid and bogged down, "said Yayat when talking with The most important is how to make access to airport movements elsewhere.

In addition, Yayat explain, keep development should pay attention to security factors. For the region should be free from a high building which endanger the safety of the flight.

As anticipated, he suggested that PT Angkasa Pura II, discuss them with the local City Government and the Ministry concerned. It's good disingkronkan deng spatial plan, Tangerang because the airport would become a new economic centre.

"Do not let the only good thing in itself. At least the concept is included in the plan of the city. Licensing incurred hotel or get up on that topic. Zoning regulation, regulation and how the building system, "says she. (eh)

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