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Student Victims Tawuran Died

VIVAnews -One student killed in the Street Dr. tawuran Saharjo, Tebet, South Jakarta yesterday. The victims named Nur Arifin, 17 years old, residents of Menteng, Jakarta Selatan. He was killed by a wound in the chest right skewer.

According to his victims, before going on among the students of SMK tawuran Satya Bhakti HIGH SCHOOL student with a Malay Kampong 66. In the clash, the victim was found lying with the skewer in the chest wounds.

By his colleagues, the next victim was rushed to the HOSPITAL. Great Manggarai. But the lives of the victims could not be saved. The victim was killed on his way to the hospital due to run out of blood.

According to the head of public relations in Polda metro Jaya Commissioner Baharudin Djafar, the corpses of the victims were sent to the RSCM to do visum for further investigation. "This case is treated Polsek Tebet," he said, Thursday, July 28, 2011. (eh)

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