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A Lot Of The Mall Does Not Have Environmental Traffic

VIVAnews -construction of a shopping center or Mall in Jakarta impressed already out of control. Many factors are not taken care of when construction is done, one of them is the traffic impact analysis.

Shopping Center in Jakarta are now over 70, and almost the entire venue became a contributor to the congestion, as many standing on the solid and bogged down.

"Almost all malls do not have an analysis on the impact of the environment (environmental impact) of the traffic before it carried out the construction. This is in fact so Center congestion, "said Kasubdit the security and safety (Kansel) Directorate of Traffic Police of the Metro Jaya, Assistant Commissioner of Jacob Dedy employees in Jakarta, Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

Jacob explained, prior to planned development center belaja should need to do the study on the analysis of the impact of the environment (environmental impact) would happen if the Mall was built.

Certain Jacob, that the Directorate of Traffic Police Department supports intentions Metro Jaya JAKARTA provincial government to conduct a moratorium on the existence of the berbelajaan Center in Jakarta.

"From that number is only 10 percent of the Mall which does not cause congestion. The Mall has always been the mass concentrations of resulted in a deadlock, "he added.

In addition to being a mast congestion, environmental conditions are also often not heeded shopping center developers. For example, reducing the Green open spaces (RTH) and excessive ground water are disregarded.

"Suspended the issuance of permits (moratorium) mal and not only until 2012. At least in the period of 5 years or at least after the Regional Spatial Plan Change (RTRW) Jakarta 2010-2030 out "firm of Jacob.

Mayor Jaksel staring by Syahrul Effendi acknowledged that many complaints of congestion problem in a number of shopping malls in South Jakarta which conveyed the community.

"Yes of course we hope the whole shopping center in the parking lots have sufficient Jaksel, and don't use most of the highways to access the entrance of the Mall," he said.

South Jakarta City Government put The officers on duty Transportation South Jakarta to help police organize traffic in shopping areas that graded prone jams.

Earlier, Chief Executive of the daily Office of oversight and Control building (Religion), Jakarta, Wiriyatmoko, said although his side from then on until 2012, are no longer issuing permits the construction of the Mall. However, there are still areas which allow for the establishment of a new shopping center in Jakarta.

Some of the area in East Jakarta and on the outskirts of the city (outside Jakarta Outer Ring Road). While in the city centre will only be allowed along the way Dr. Satrio (Casablanka) that peruntukannya is indeed for the business.

More himself was not denied if the growth of the shopping center in Jakarta during this quite rapidly. He mentions, each year there could be three to four shopping malls stand. (eh)

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