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Beware Of Crime Admits The Fast Mode

VIVAnews -Approaching the holy month of Ramadan, the activities of local people to shop for Staples and other necessities is certain to increase. This opportunity will certainly put the perpetrators of crimes to run the action. Some of them even reckless conduct a variety of ways in order to meet the needs of the approaching feast of Idul Fitri.

Head of public relations Polda Metro Jaya, Commissioner Baharudin Djafar said, a number of criminal acts during fasting until Idul Fitri still will occur with varying modes and ways.

One of which is motor vehicle theft crimes that occurred during a prayer tarawih prayers leading up to dawn. In addition to the crimes that target the world's first mode pemudik who want to return home. This is still a crime that is most rampant. The other mode is robbery by pretending to be a guest or offer services service AC and other household equipment.

In this mode, said Baharudin, usually attacking the House left employers and just kept helpers. But not less terrible is a robbery using firearms that specifically target clients of the bank.

"We always say in certain times are likely to be any additional numbers of criminality. Ahead of the fasting month is generally so because of the needs of the community of course also on the rise and growing criminality on its own, "said Baharudin.

Therefore, every Polres will begin patrolling at locations deemed vulnerable to acts of crime. In the near future for the region's results are considered analisi-prone to be delivered.

"They later are specified. Which areas will be monitored, the number of personnel who patrol. Any crime that typically occur, and handle patterns. It's a decisive Polres, "he said.

In addition to the safeguards that would do the police, asking society to Baharudin maintaining security environments ranging from public roads, residential, offices, stores, and schools.

"The shape of the pattern community, stimulate siskamling selves are important security could be guaranteed," he said.

According to Polda Metro Jaya in June 2011, cases of theft with violence (curas) there were 66 cases, consisting of six robbery cases, deprivation of 40 cases, and penodongan 20 cases.

Whereas cases of theft with pemberatan (gerebek Toko) in June 2011, reaching 572 cases. The types of crimes is predicted to rise admits Ramadan. (umi)

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