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Kapolda Metro Mass Media Leaders Meet

VIVAnews -Metro Area Police Chief, Inspector General Lucky S Rajab, held a meeting with the leadership of the mass media. At the meeting, confirmed that police ensure Kapolda security area for the implementation of fasting and Lebaran.

Safeguards and care, said profit will be made to its full potential and bend over backwards in action kriminilitas, which is expected to increase while fasting and admits Lebaran.

"It's a product of society kamtibmas Disorders that must be solved simultaneously. Invites its operational organizations. Sweeping should not be done, because it already had the discipline that is clear, "said Gladstone, Friday, July 29, 2011.

To secure the capital during Ramadan, will disiagakan 8800 officer. As many as 4,500 member Polda Metro Jaya and the 4,300-member Police Unit Pamong Praja (Satpol PP) which will expire in 24 hours.

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