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How to Overcome social problems in Modern Airport

VIVAnews -Soekarno Hatta Airport will soon be developed into a town or a complete mondern aerotropolis would. The new building that will serve as a integrated building it will make it easier for people to enjoy all the facilities contained therein.

How to design complete mega project, what facilities will be built in situ, how wide the area that will be used for commercial use. How widely arel dedicated to commercial space and more, it is not yet known.

Because up to now, "still made the design details. Wait, once ready, it will immediately announced, "said Corporate Secretary PT Angkasa Pura II, Day Cahyoo to, Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

According to the day, before the detail design Cahyoo completed and construction began, PT Angkasa Pura II will hammer out the social problems that occurred in the area of the airport. Like percaloan and dark transport. "This will answer all of the perceived problems of society. All social issues will be solved by modern standards, "he said.

Acceleration of the process of building this Soekarno Hatta to do, because the number of passengers has reached double the capacity available.

Currently the Airport serves for 44.3 million passengers per year. They serviced 14 domestic airline in the flight path, and 41 the airline on international routes. Meanwhile, the capacity of the airport's terminal is currently only able to serve 22 million passengers per year.

With this development project is expected to Soekarno Hatta Airport able to serve to serve up to 62 million passengers per year in 2014. The estimated cost of the project reached Rp11,7 trillion.

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