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Tak Ada Murid, 2 Sekolah Ini Gulung Tikar

VIVAnews – Two schools in Bekasi Regency had to roll the mat. Private schools were closed as no pupil who sign up. In addition, bankruptcies also caused widespread addition of new classrooms in public schools.

Two schools are bankrupt are HIGH SCHOOL achievements in Bina
Subdistrict, chubby and Nurul Iman in district JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Tambelang. Both
the school is the academic year 2011/2012 is just getting
one pupil.

"It happened because of poor school management and manejemen
number of additional classrooms in public schools. The community of
prefer private rather than public schools, "says Chairman of the Board
Deliberations Private Colleges (BMPS) Bekasi Regency, Komar, on
Cikarang Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

Komar urgent duty education Bekasi Regency to be consistent
in the open group can share learning so that students with
private schools. But on the other hand, according to him, private schools must also improve the management of manejemen and its quality in order to be able to compete with public schools.

"We will coordinate with the Office of education, so that students who
not accommodated in public schools could be diverted to private schools, "
He said.

So it is no longer the case, there are restrictions on the addition of Komar asked classrooms by education service district in Bekasi. Such admissions quotas in each public school that just 10 classes do not need to be added again by the school.

"For that, we ask for the Office of education does not continue to do
the addition of rombel (group learning) at each new school year.
So that private schools also receive pupils, "pungkasnya.

Report: Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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