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The action of July 27, the fuel Mass a banner Image SBY

VIVAnews – Mass of tumplek in the way of Diponegoro 58, Central Jakarta. In front of the former headquarters of the Indonesia Democratic Party--which has now become PDI Perjuangan it--they held rallies commemorating the tragedy of 27 July 1996.

A large banner reading "15th tragedy on July 27, 1996 is not finished" appears to be attached to the fence of the House, located on the right hand side of the headquarters of the United Development Party (PPP). The entire fence enclosed the other banner larger that it reads: "Dismantle the scandal of the Century" to ask for SBY to retreat.

At the front entrance, lined bouquet of grief over the tragedy of 27 July 1996. The sender's name plastered wreaths, flags, Ir, and Rudi Kiemas Priest Suroso. Above the gate, is unfolded a banner "Welcome Hj Mother Megawati Sukarnoputri".

At the end of the road, stands the small stage complete with sound system and musical instruments. From there the resistance songs and searing oration echoed the spirit of the masses.

Crowds took to the streets to block Java Road towards Jalan Imam Bonjol unfurled a huge banner with the picture reads: ' the opponents of the regime SBY Liar '. The banner depicts the President it is burned. Right in the face of SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO. Cry of the orator, "s. ..B. ..Y ..., "greeted the mass chorus," Turuuun. "

Luckily, the police acted quickly. Action crash the way it did not last long. Now, they are clustered on the sidewalk and back half of the Diponegoro Street. A number of musicians and orators of the activists that took turns filling stage.

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