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FPI: During Ramadan, Nightclubs Must Close

VIVAnews -Islamic Defender Front (FPI) staged a rally in front of the Istana Negara. Participants of action presented its case in front of the monument Street became independent West, Central Jakarta, Saturday, July 30, 2011. "There is now a mass of 2 thousand people. Kemungkinn will gain, "cried the FPI leader Habib Spiderman in orasinya.

There are some requests that they pass on, urge the Government to dissolve the Ahmadiyah. Also ask President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to ensure Islamic devotees worship nicely, a reduction in working hours during Ramadan and implement school holidays are replaced with spmb.

Ban TV footage that was not menididk as well as stopping the arrest of the son of the nation on behalf of terrorism. "The Government must melarangan entertainment venues open during ramadan," said Hamid.

This action also makes it bad traffic around the site. Vehicles from the North towards the Roundabout HI dormant because of the many cars which the protesters pakir by the wayside. While traffic from Jalan Merdeka, West towards the direction of harmony. Until now there has not been mengalihan current.

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