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Counterfeit Money Printer Residivis Dibekuk

VIVAnews -unit of Criminal Polresta Bekasi City raided a House that was the place to make fake money suspected to be released ahead of Ramadan.

From these raids, the police assign suspects Loisa Nurjanah Siregar (51), citizens Housing, House Block E2 Number 40 RT 4 RW 6 Source Village, South of Chubby Jaya, Bekasi Regency in West Java. Loisa dibekuk when printing money using fake printer machines in rented house belongs to Mrs. Sitinjak, in the Village South, Kayuringin, Bekasi Bekasi, on 25 July.

According to the confession Loisa, she could print out a fake money worth Rp3 million every two hours. "A simple fake money Proper, I copy and printed using color printers," said Loisa, when examined, the investigators, Thursday, July 28, 2011.

The money is forged, fractional Rp100 thousand thousand thousand Rp50, Rp20, and compared Indosat Rp10 thousand. In addition to printed using your printer, Loisa also make money using a fake screen printing bantalannya the print exists so that the result approaching money holograms.

When arrested, the police seized 300 pieces of counterfeit money, fractional Rp100 thousands of fake money sheet 141 thousand Rp50, 24 sheets of counterfeit money, fractions and 38 Rp20 thousand sheets of fake money fractional compared Indosat Rp10 thousand. Police also seized fake moneymaking tool, such as the two colored printer machine, screen printing, two bearings one ream of paper counterfeit money for material. "Disposable paper HVS," he said.

The head of a Special Unit of the criminal Polresta Bekasi City Assistant Commissioner Zaki Nasution said the perpetrators already three times diringkus with the same case. "He's residivis," said Zaki.

Loisa has just undergone a conditional free in February 2011, after the verdict of 2 years in the same case. His fake money produced Loisa would indeed be in the region of greater Jakarta (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi). "The suspects alleged violation of article 244 and 245 of the CRIMINAL CODE of counterfeiting money RI ancamannya 15 years in prison," he said.

Police were still pursuing the 3 associate whose identity is already known suspects. While the day-to-day work of the suspect as Loisa mortgagee is now detained in Mapolresta Bekasi city.

Report Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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