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Cheat at Facebook ' NATO Troops ' Arrested

VIVAnews -Men Nigerian citizen bernisial JW raked Rp1 billion from Indonesia, a woman victim of fraud through the social networking website Facebook. In the action, the army admitted JW Infantry United Kingdom.

Using an account with the name of J. W. John Danny, a soldier who was on duty in Afghanistan. Not only that, in their profile photo, John is a white man against the background of the photo reads: ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) troops supporting the NATO.

"He's wearing a photo of a man white, whereas the originals are not. That's one way to be deceived her, "says women attracted to the head of the expertise of IV Cyber Crime Polda Metro Jaya, Assistant Commissioner Hermawan, Jakarta, Thursday, July 28, 2011.

Delivered to mengelabuhi his victim, Hermawan, Jhon would not meet face to face. After the victim was deceived, romance relationship then made through the virtual world. Dangle will be married, have always been a powerful weapon for Edgar to trick their victims, even promised given money of US $ 5 million that he could of the Muamar Kadhafi.

"Before the money is down, Jhon ask victims to mengirinkan money for maintaining in Rp150 million Office of customs and Excise," explains Hermawan.

Once the money is sent, Jhon then never contacted their victims. Wishful thinking to be married to a United Kingdom troops, and later dissipated realized if it was a scam.

A number of the victims later reported this incident to the Polda Metro Jaya. On Wednesday, July 27, 2011 yesterday, from the results of the investigation, the original data actually known. Jhon ready Police later arrested him while being streets in ITC Roxy, West Jakarta.

From the initial investigation, Jhon stay on the path of Amsar No. 6 RT 02 RW 08, Cipulir, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. He deliberately chose a remote place to launch an action.

From pengkapan it, eventually uncovered when working with a local woman Jhon initials S (32), who was her lover, and is in charge of creating a bank account to accommodate the remittances from the victims. "The missing actors Pasport since last year, he used the INDONESIAN CITIZEN to open an account," said Hermawan.

From the results of this disclosure, alleged to have cheated a dozen women JW. The result analysis of incoming money are already quite a lot. Because of their email account shown there are withdrawal Rp300 million and several million and overall he's been scooped Rp1 billion more. The number of victims is estimated at more than recognition delivered Jhon and S.

Of the two principals, officers seized evidence eight mobile phones, one modem, saving three books, three BAKERIES, a single international drivers permit, an ID CARD on behalf of the S, laptop, and cash Rp13 million.

Both actors dijerat with article 378 of the CRIMINAL CODE and article 28, paragraph 1, or jo article 45 paragraph 2 UU RI No. 11 of 2008, about information and transactions with a penalty of up to 12 years in prison. (eh)

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