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Faisal Basri Atletico Madrid Fight JAWA 1

VIVAnews – Economists from the University of Indonesia, Faisal Basri, will return to enliven the upcoming 2012 Pemilukada Jakarta. He would go ahead over the Chair of the independent lines through 1 JAWA.

"I decided to go forward (as a candidate for Governor of DKI Jakarta) from the independent," said economist Faisal Basri, UI, in the forum market outlook held by the community capital market Observer, Monday night.

That decision, more purely because of his desire of Faisal, to fix the problems range from Jakarta there at the moment. However, Faisal will not use the political party as a vehicle to smooth his will because he considers the public needs an alternative candidate, political party uar dil.

"It's controlled by the cartel, an oligarchy, incidentally there is room for open alternative for the public that there are other options outside the cartel," says Faisal.

In 2007, Faisal Basri also ran into prospective candidates Governor Jakarta. However, he did not get the support of political parties as a condition of his candidacy so today will advance through the lanes of Faisal's independent.

"It used to be also asked for support, but can not, says the Chairman of the PAN first had the same deal Agum (Gumelar). If passed, would in Agum auction (support of PAN) with the highest price, "said Faisal.

When the community does not exist independent of the choice, said Faisal, the political parties more power to determine which candidate will be supported as a candidate and political transactions happen. 8 But, if there is a choice of independent lines which can be selected by the public, political parties should automatically make room for a quality candidate but has no source of funds. "So that they can not, so it will be created a new balance," he said.

Nevertheless, Faisal also explains that the real function of political parties will stay up because of the legislature, the House of representatives District Jakarta can also drop the Governor with the mechanisms regulated through legislation. "The party's LEGISLATIVE representative, and Governor could be dropped," Faisal imbuh.

Faisal spoke, she didn't solely target seat DKI-1 but also because really want a balance between political parties and society so as to reduce the arrogance of the political party that can give rise to transactional. However, when asked the vision and mission preparations have been done including the collection of 350 thousand ID CARD or four percent of the total population of Jakarta as a condition of the candidacy of Independent lines, Faisal replied, he has not done any preparation. "It's only the first statement," he said.

Although the election of the head of the Jakarta Area is carried out in 2012, but a number of names have emerged as a candidate for Governor of DKI Jakarta. In addition to Fauzi Bowo, resonant name Tantowi Yahya, Prya Ramadhani, and Aziz Syamsuddin who carried by Golkar, Djan Faridz by Party Hanura, and the Democratic Party by Romli Nachrowi.

Until now, haven't heard political parties that will be proposed as a candidate for Governor Fauzi Bowo. Own yet revealed by Foke palpable is it'll forward again as a candidate for Governor of DKI Jakarta in 2012.

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