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Bread Factory Fire, Road Saharjo Jammed

VIVAnews -Fires that occur in the Market area of Menteng Pulo, South Jakarta, resulting in long traffic jams on roads Saharjo. Roads in the region can only be used one segment only.

Long traffic jams occur from from the Jewel to the Red Bridge Market, Menteng Pulo. The vehicle was not even able to move because of a fire engine that the amount of up to 30 units, and can not penetrate the location must be parked by the roadside.

The fire that raged since at 09.30 P.M., first seen on the second floor of the bread factory located between the settlement of citizens and the market. Because of the great fire, burning three stalls took part. Up to now the officer was attempting to do the watering to ensure fire is completely extinguished banar already.

Said one citizen named Gus (45), the fire was just being in a fruit stall and drugs. Many of the residents are only able to see without doing the blackout due to the efforts in the region difficult once got water.

"People cannot do much except wait for the fire service. Because the api quickly grew, "said Agus.

While similar fires also occurred in Bekasi, West Java. At least 20 stalls which also made the housing destroyed by terbakara.

Eyewitness, Abdul Azis said, the fire originating from petrol kiosks belonging to Jahara Alianjah (40), while their owners want to move the fuel to the bottles for sale.

"Buy a gasoline FILLING STATION at Jalan Raya Sultan Agung. Again poured gasoline into bottles of one litre-sized
for sale again.

The owner of a petrol kiosk, Jahara who suffered burns on his left foot,
instantly secured to Investigators in the field of the Satria to solicit reactions and caption.

Loss due to fires, is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars because the residents did not had a chance to salvage their belongings. Fire also make jammed Highways Sultan Agung Road and Kranji. (sj)

Report: Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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