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Victims of Abuse in the Busway is difficult to make the complaint

VIVAnews -S, 24, an employee who felt he was abused while in bus Transjakarta was forced to bite his fingers. So, the police could not process your report he lantara no witnesses who saw the incident.

Then he was about to return to his home in the area work Cipinang Muara. He quickly took a Malay Kampong Makan majors are crowded. On the way, S was observed continuously by shaving the initials MH 50 year old.

S admitted to not use the clothes attract attention. His opinion, he used the formal clothing befits office workers i.e. shirt long sleeves and long pants. S judging her clothes covered. But whatever is there dipikiran MH. S continue to dilihati even to see it turned into a sensitive portion.

"I was shocked, in an overcrowded, holding my hand on the man. Because of the fear, I immediately pull your hands and shifted to a safe place, "said S VIVAnews, to Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

S thought, by moving the position will be freed from the man. But dugaannya is wrong. The man was in fact follow and asked him to reverse the direction of MH.

Once in the opening of the Malay Kampong, S telling what I've experienced to officer Makan. The officer then instantly capture MH henceforth are submitted to Investigators Jatinegara.

The officer suggest S to immediately make a report to the police in order to further processing. The reason was often doing action MH inside bus Transjakarta. Especially if the bus is full.

"I initially report to Investigators Jatingera, but duty officer suggested I report it to the Polres Jakarta East to the protection of women and children. When I got Polres, because there is no evidence and witness my report was not accepted, "contrite heart S.

Mynaturalfoodjourney, an officer in the control of the bus Transjakarta Kampungmelayu, who first received a report that said, he and his confederates directly pursue perpetrators who have been off at the Terminal Kampungmelayu.

"The victims report to me he said had been digerayangi his hands by the offender. When the victim's condition is weak, the report seems to be a heavy shock. That's why our catch the perpetrators, "said Mynaturalfoodjourney.

However, in the presence of Police Investigators Jatinegara, MH denied the allegations. He claims to never Jim drunkenly hitting on the hands of the victim. He even tells the victim that quibble sliding a bit because a lot of people who will Stop off at Jatinegara.

"I am just mencolek hand, meaning that tells a little because many passengers sliding to go down. He's angry--angry and accused me of committing sexual abuse, "said Mynaturalfoodjourney mimic MH.

S hope that such cases do not happen to another woman. He suggested the Transjakarta add safeguards specifically for women. (eh)

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