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Witness the case of the iPad: Dian Salesperson

VIVAnews – IPad case that drags Randy Lester Samu and Dian Yudha State still kept rolling process at the Central Jakarta District Court. A witness, Director of the Dian Dian claimed to work, said selling the iPad because it is unused.

"He is as equities sell iPad because reason is unused," says CEO of PT. Arya Jaya formation, Yudi, in his testimony, Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

He confirmed, the accused Dian only worked as Director of the technicians. His company also does not move in the field of buying and selling electronic equipment. Yudi also claimed to not know menahu sales activity Dian. "To my knowledge he is not the seller," said Yudi.

In his testimony, saying his Office had Yudi is also searched by the police. "The police just took a job in the absence of a shakedown," he said.

The Rosecrans Baldwin had asked that the police were photocopied, but members of the police are not willing. As evidence of shakedown polis, Yudi thrusting video footage of shakedown. "Because it is not sure, a few of our friends, I'm taking a video. Most of our employees use their cellphones take pictures, "he explained.

While the defendant's legal advisor, Virza Roy Hizzai says, the judicial process in this case is misguided. Because there are various anomalies. The first gaffe that is all witnesses in this case is the investigator. Other anomalies are differences testimony about shakedown by policemen. (adi)

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