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Residents Began lining up Senen Januari Tickets

VIVAnews -train tickets Booking-mudik lebaran opened today. Up to 19: 00 are already lining up to buy 2.131 passenger tickets to various parts of the island of Java.

"For today's predominantly Southern Cross customer like, Kutoarjo, Yogya, and Solo," said the Deputy Head of Senen Station, Wahyudin, Saturday, July 16, 2011.

Despite reaching thousands, he says, the line at the first day of ticket booking is still relatively quiet lebaran. "Still, it's just sepilah two groups, continue to not exist anymore. The first line, second line of the entry, keep no more, "he said.

He guessed, this is because the new portion of the community who know that train tickets can be booked 40 days before Idul fitri. Because, in the previous year the new tickets can be booked H-30.

"Or is likely, according to me personally, since this date the Middle so concerned the financial problems," explains Wahyudin in his room.

Senen stations have ticket booking counters provides five executives and business that is open from 07.00 A.M. until 19.00. While for the new economy ticket starting opened on H-7.

"So antreannya made five. One person can fill in a form that can be filled up to four people. Senen station does not serve the troupe. When you see one person holds more than one form will be dealt with by our officers, "he said.

Senen station set up 19 regular railway with the capacity of the economy of 100 percent, 50 percent of the stands, and 100 per cent, 25 per cent. "We have also been preparing a tent to spend the night ticket buyers," he said.

Wahyudin estimate new ticket booking will be soaring in the H-3 as the last few years. How the booking situation? "So far the smoothly-well, safely. SOP is also already prepared, "he asserted.

VIVAnewsbased on the watch, the passengers begin to trickle in and are lining up to order tickets. They sit on the five-line counters that are provided.

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