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Two Boys have to be the mother in the Cafe

VIVAnews -two children from Medan, North Sumatra, named Vivi Angelica Yuanita (15) and Michael Nichiolas (14), South Bekasi Polsek officers secured, Monday, July 25, 2011. Both are suspected of intentionally left out of his parents.

According to the recognition of Vivi, they came from the Medan through Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Tangerang Banten, with her mother named Lilia on Saturday, July 23, 2011. From the airport, the three rode the bus Transportations to Yogyakarta. Arriving in Bekasi, the mother took him to a cafe.

"Mama Said, he would take the money in the nearest ATM. My brother and told to wait in the cafe of Skynet, "he said when Investigators found in Southern Sweden.

While waiting for his mother comes to pick up, both of which are fun to play games. However, their mother for hours waiting for no return. By reason of confused, Vivi and Michael also continues to play the game until they reached Rp465 thousand bills.

"We're both confused, Mama do not come again. If I get out of the cafe, his Mama search – find us. The two of us in the Cafe was created while waiting for Mama games, "he said.

Vivi claim they live in Residential Green Firs, Medan, North Sumatra. The girl was admitted to the school still ABG in junior high 8th grade Field 3.

"We were both JUNIOR HIGH schools in Medan, and just 3 one-week school, we invited Mama to Jakarta. He said there was a family affair, "said a white skinned girl.

A witness who took him to South Bekasi, Investigators say the second son of Roland, comes to the face that dikelolanya on Saturday, July 23, 2011, at 24.00 pm. "They came at midnight, from ever since I noticed both fun to play games," he said.

Further Roland says, he had a chance to let the two children that play the game until Sunday morning. However, he was the second son of unsuspecting while it is still playing the game until Sunday evening at around 22: 00 pm.

"The night of Monday I asked again, you're not home? Emangnya you dont look at your parents? Well the Vivi is said, he would be picked up at his father that night. After that, I can answer a bit quiet, means there are two children of his parents, "said Roland.

However, Roland of shock when Monday morning, both of which are still faithfully in front of the computer while playing games. Roland's previous confession of gemas with Vivi, asking them to talk with him honestly.

"From his they both came from the Medan, and dont know his home. Yes, I drive it to the police station, "he added.

Kapolsek Bekasi Selatan AKP Ina Son insists, it will coordinate with all units, including Investigators and Polres Polda Metro Jaya with TMC. "I will immediately coordinate. I'll try to provide this information to the TMC Polda Metro Jaya, hopefully to fruition.  Parents or relatives of these children will come to see them in the
Here, "he said.

Report Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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