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There is a Highway on top of the embankment of giant JAWA

VIVAnews -the Netherlands has committed to provide technical assistance for the gigantic embankment project anticipates trends in the sinking area of North Jakarta due to rising sea levels and a decrease in face of the land.

The funds will be poured in stages. For the manufacture of masterplan, Netherlands gave a commitment to provide technical assistance around 4 million Euro. And Consortia Jakarta Coastal Defence Strategy (JCDS) consultant consortium consisting of the Netherlands and assisted by some of the Ministry of public works ahi (Ministry of PLUTONIUM) and Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), tasked with mapping out problems that exist today.

This commitment was conveyed by Ben Knapen, Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation, the Netherlands on his visit to Indonesia beginning last July. The construction of the embankment as it has long been applied in the Netherlands to protect a storm attack from the North Sea and to protect the country's cheese from the surface of the sea water is higher than daratannya.

According to the Deputy Representative and the head of one of the Witteveen consultant Member Consortia Jakarta Coastal Defence Strategy (JCDS), Sawarendro, tim JCDS started working since early this year and the middle of discussing a plan to build a sea dike in North Jakarta.

The construction of the dam is expected to improve the condition of the territory of DKI Jakarta in its entirety. The embankment also designed multi-purpose, can be used as a toll road or railway line.

As already known the effects of the decline in the face of the land and climate change will make the most of the North Jakarta inundated over the next 20 to 30 more years. This will impact directly on the lives of millions of people who live and play in that area.

In addition, climate change will also be further aggravating flooding in Jakarta as a whole. There should be a big step to solve this problem.

JCDS served to map out the problems that exist now, and the tendency of the matter forward to determine strategies that are considered appropriate to face the challenges of a decrease in face of the land.

"Make sure who should be in charge of and responsible for the program to be executed," said VIVAnews.comSawarendro to, Monday evening, July 25, 2011.

JCDS stipulates that the construction of sea embankment is part of the settlement of the problem of flooding and water management system in Jakarta. Therefore this project should be done gradually and take no less than thirty years.  "For the construction of the tanggulnya, the Fund would need around Rp40-Rp50 billion," he said.

The flooding caused from the direction of the sea will be the issue that more and more dominant in the future. With the increase of the face and landsubsidence of sea water, the threat of flooding this will be the greater of rob.

In order to respond to such threats need to be created, that would be a barrier for embankment of water from the sea. There are several options for the construction of the embankment of mercury.

The first option of flood management follows the approach of the flood control that exists right now, where do strengthening and exaltation of the embankment on the location of the coastline. The addition of a blue open spaces for the retention pond also became a part of this plan.

The second option, integrated with the development of sea embankment areas of reclamation by staying open flow-flow of the River main (Cengkareng Drain, Flooding the Western Channel and Flood Canals East) toward the sea.

While the third option is to make levees to hold while the overall water flowed by the River all through Jakarta and then dipompakan into the sea.

With his character each, said Sawarendro, a combination of each of these options can be run by looking at the condition of economic development and the actual magnitude of the decline in the face of the land in the future. Its implementation could be done in stages, until the year 2040.

Along with flood control that is derived from the sea, coastal more integrated Setup be done gradually with the development of other cities, such as reclamation and development of the port with a transport system new flood protection system, on the coast, then the provision of clean water and sanitary disposal

Construction of flood control embankment was designed at the same time can serve as highways, with each direction has five lanes.

Ideally, the word Sawarendro, the development of the embankment was followed by efforts to increase the provision of clean water and waste water treatment penyedian to the Jabodetabekpunjur.

Water supply piping is to be able to minimize the decline in the face of the land. In addition, the management of this waste water will improve significantly the quality of surface water. Estimated cost for the provision of water piping range Rp30 trillion. Whereas the costs for the management of wastewater for about 30 million people in the area and Jabodetabekpunjur will cost of Rp200 trillion.

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