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The Tower Leaning Saidah, Simpang-siur News

VIVAnews -Citizens about the location of the Tower Road MT Haryono Saidah, East Jakarta, confirmed the news saying the slope on the structure of buildings and building land. But residents claimed to have heard the call information is now there has been a businessman who bought the Tower of Madura Saidah costing Rp16 billion, then torn down.

"The building manager with very closed, there has never been citizens communications. And we have not heard about the plans of perobohan by new owners. As far as we are currently managing the family still, "said Chairman Saidah RW 1, Kelurahan Cikokol, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Beni Nawawi, Friday, July 29, 2011.

Beni says, if there is indeed a new manager who was about to break down and replace them with new buildings, surely there should be early notification to local citizens.

Although now deserted, the building was sold and became a favorite of office space. Not only was hired as a private company offices, when the new stand, a number of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES also based here.

The building that was built with Roman-style architecture that looks very quiet, no cars and motorcycles that came out in the building.

In the middle of the citizens, is circulating all kinds of news why building left the tenants--ranging from very slow affair elevator until the angkernya building.

Beni happenings news miringnya be sure, the building is right. "I think so, there is the slope of the building and the Foundation. According to the information we receive from employees there, they don't use water from PAM, but rather utilize ground water, so it could have been the soil was so down due to water being sucked on, "he added.

In addition, Beni also admitted getting information from former employees there that building owners had to call an expert from Germany to enforce the structures now tilted.

"I heard it costs reach Rp100 billion, there are citizens who never see any officers checked the building, but after that we did not hear again gave him," he said.

Lurah Cikoko, Salih Nopiansyar, said up to now the local village have not received any report on the plan of perobohan Tower Saidah. "There has been no report that goes on to me. I have also long been said to the guards to deliver to the owner of the building if I want to meet. I would like to ask the survival of these buildings, "he said.

Disclosed Salih, he is always trying to find information related to building a more lazy. Recent news that he heard, every potential buyer has always been the process stalled in the middle of the road and after that there was no word yet again. (kd)

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