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The dispute, the Rector of Trisakti Dilapor to the police

VIVAnews -Rector Thoby Mutis Trisakti University, Trisakti Foundation reported to the Board of Audit and criminal (Bareskrim) Police related cases of forgery of documents.

Reporting the General Executive Board of the Foundation delivered Sekrektaris Trisakti, Abi Jabar, accompanied attorneys Patra M Zen, with a report number LP/290/VII/2011.

"Besides Thoby Mutis, we also report Advendi Yuswar Z Simangusong, Basri and Prayitno," said Patra, after accompanying Abi report to Bareskrim the national police.

Thoby allegedly committed fraud against the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of national education. Based on this report, under Article 263 of Thoby Falsification of documents and Article 242 about giving False Information under oath.

In accordance with the decision of the Foundation, Thoby was appointed Rector at Trisakti University on September 9, 1998 to September 9, 2002, for a term of four years.

But towards the end of the term of Office, Thoby allegedly using ways against the law to maintain its position as a Rector.

Its against the law, he explained, Thoby and his friends have to change unilaterally the Statute of the Foundation for legitimate Trisakti in 2001 with the Statute of his own, namely Statute of 2001 R on 6 April 2002, he said.

"Thoby and his friends have set up a Legal body of Trisakti University Education with akta notaris Edi Priyono," said Patra added.

The deed of Foundation, Trisakti dismiss Thoby. But in question refused to be removed as Rector of Trisakti University on September 4, 2002. Then by means of force, Thoby and his friends considered to have mastered the Trisakti University campus and continuously against the law to charge a cash payment from the student.

Dispute pengelolan Trisakti University berbuntut dispute between the parties led to the Trisakti Foundation with Trisaksi University. The legal process up to this level of Cassation parties won Foundation.

Thoby Mutis, while fortification, which represented the Chairman of the Senate of the Trisakti University, Prayitno, already met Chairman of MPR Taufiq Kiemas. Prayitno conveys a concern regarding plans for the Chairman of the District Court of Jakarta which will execute the ruling of the Supreme Court No. 821/PDT/2010 jo. No. 248/PDT/2009 jo. No. 410/Rev. G/2007/PN. JKT.BRT.

According to Prayitno, traced from its history, Trisakti University is one of the country's assets because the institution was established by the State and use some State assets. Therefore, he said, State ownership over the Universities should be retained. Not to fall into the hands of a handful of people only. (ren)

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