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The Robbers Home Doctor RS Police Dibekuk

VIVAnews -Only intermittent two hours after the incident, officer of the unit of Criminal Polresta Bekasi City, eventually membekuk the offender attempted robbery which had piercing Eni (13), the housekeeper in the House of Dr. Dian Yulianti, doctors at the hospital Police.

Principal initials NN (21) arrested at the home of kontrakannya which is about 500 meters from the location
the incident, in the Beautiful Garden Residential Block Narogong A9 the number 4 RT 9 RW 7 Bridge 2 Wards Marinating, Rawa Lumbu, Bekasi, West Java.

Head of unit of Criminal Polresta Bekasi City Commissioner Dedy Murti said, the success of the disclosure is inseparable from the participation of residents who were on the trail of the departure of the offender after committing the action at around 9: 00 pm. "Flip the perpetrators left on site, so as to escape she is barefoot. Traces of the leg which helps give the blood splattered Guide, "he said.

Traces of the blood spots found on top of the Chair that he used to climb the gap of the roof of the House. The perpetrators then escaped through the roof and out of a motorcycle repair shop not far from the scene. Furthermore, he concealed himself in kontrakannya without any of the items are successfully reproduced.

According to Dedy, actors who worked in the grocery store and was in charge of delivering water to refill it reckless do so because of economic needs was squeezed. "The intention was originally to be robbed since it took charge for the new wife giving birth. From the House she's been arming themselves with kitchen knives. The knife ditusukkannya on victims who tried to resist, "he said.

The offender deliberately targeted the House because it was the custom of the House members hapal because previously often deliver the order. He has no trouble going into the House because the victim had known perpetrators as an introduction to the water.

According to Sumartini (50), a neighbor who lived next door to the House, he heard of anyone who met into the House at around 9: 00 pm. Not so long ago, he listened to the people moaning for help.

"When seen, he (the victim) is soaked in blood, crawl out of the House to the gate. Residents around the cross was then stopped and took him to hospital, "he said.

After going through a series of treatments in Rawa Lumbu Hospital, victims who suffered wounds as deep as 6 cm on the skewer the back right side can be saved. He still remembers the characteristics of the offender so as to help the police search.

The perpetrator who is currently on hold Headquarters Polresta Bekasi city will dijerat with article 365 of the CRIMINAL CODE of his own doing
theft with violence. He also threatened dijerat Article 351 of the CRIMINAL CODE of the persecution, ancamannya 7 years in prison.

Specifically Dedy Murti sent a message to ordinary citizens to leave his home during the day in a long time to be more careful. "Housekeeper waiting home alone do not easily open the door to the unknown person without confirm it with employers," he said.

Report Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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