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Polda Espouses A New Mall Project Termination

VIVAnews -existence of the Mall or shopping center in question not only because of the environmental impact, but also considered to be a culprit mast. traffic jam The reason it makes the Jakarta Government temporarily publishing permissions (moratorium) Mall until 2012.

In response to that problem, the Directorate of Traffic Police of the Metro Jaya welcome the temporary suspension of positive development of the Mall.

"It's about time the construction of a shopping center or Mall in Jakarta to break first. Because it's already too much, causing the node congestion, "said the Director of Metro Polda Jaya Traffic Commissioner, to the Royke VIVAnewsLumowa, Sunday evening, July 17th, 2011.

In fact, he hoped the cessation of the issuance of permits the Mall could be done until the next five years. Therefore, there is no Mall which does not result in congestion, since every Mall has always been the generation of mass concentration to impact traffic congestion.

In addition, says Royke, a lot of shopping malls in Jakarta who does not have an analysis on the impact of the environment (environmental impact) of traffic.
"Almost all malls that exist today are always so bad because of its location adjacent to the mast with the highway. Furthermore if is located at the intersection of the congestion becoming worse. That's because no tegakkannya analysis on the impact of the environment (environmental impact) of traffic when construction of the Mall, "he added.

Based on the data in Police Traffic Directorate Metro Jaya, recorded a number of malls which resulted in traffic jams most severe among others the Plaza Semanggi, Cibubur Junction, Citos, Grand Indonesia, Mal Taman Anggrek, Tamini Square, the Mall Ciputra, Atrium Plaza, ITC Mangga Dua, Blok M Plaza, Pasaraya Manggarai, Ramayana Kramatjati, Mall Ambasador.

List of malls that became bogged down because the mast has no parking facilities, roads and parks, as well as adequate access to the entrance of the mall that is tangent to the path of the Protocol.

Executing the daily monitoring and Regulating Head Office building (Religion), Jakarta, Wiriyatmoko, said this was done because of the moratorium policy many shopping centers in Jakarta caused traffic jams.

He currently has a moratorium that began to be implemented. The article is currently up to the upcoming 2012 it is no longer issuing permits. Despite the acknowledgment that after this moratorium does not apply, there are still areas which allow for the establishment of a new shopping center in Jakarta.

Some of the area in East Jakarta and on the outskirts of the city (outside Jakarta Outer Ring Road). While in the city centre will only be allowed along the way Dr. Satrio (Casablanka) that peruntukannya is indeed for the business.

Further, the Wiriyatmoko not denied if the growth of the shopping center in Jakarta during this quite rapidly. He mentions, each year there could be three to four shopping malls stand so that there are currently 68 shopping centre for both large and small. Surefire these reinforce the capital city which has the world's largest shopping centre.

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